Frans Schrofer

Born into a family of artists and furniture designers, Frans Schrofer is the son of Willem Schrofer a renown painter in the abstract style of Mondriaan and van Doesburg, and the nephew of Jan Schrofer, a co-founder of the company Cirkel (merged with Ahrend in 1950s), who co-developed the iconic Revolt chair with Friso Kramer.

A childhood fascination with cars and motor racing led Frans to an early basic education in electrical and mechanical engineering, and auto mechanics. In 1983 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and in 1984, he established his design firm, Studio Schrofer.

Frans Schrofer's trademark is designing contemporary furniture with a twist. Making unexpected forms, taking unconventional approaches. Keeping the function and aesthetics in mind, as well as ergonomics. His strong technical background, combined with his experience in consumer packaging, has provided him with a unique insight into how to evoke emotion from natural shapes and lines.

Frans Schrofer's body of work reflects his respect for tradition as well as contemporary trends, with an eye toward the future. His love of nature, passion for speed and technology, attention to detail, energy and inspired dedication to maintaining high standards, set him apart. These qualities, which are at the heart of his company, Studio Schrofer, remain the guiding principle upon which he operates: creating tools for living.