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If you choose for leather, Durlet offers you nine different types of top quality full-grain leather, available in a range of colours.


1,1 - 1,3 mm
Colors: 3

smooth and soft semi- aniline leather


1,4 - 1,6 mm
Colors: 3

pure aniline leather with all its natural characteristics


1,3 - 1,4 mm
Colors: 1

lightly nubucked aniline leather


2,2 - 2,4 mm
Colors: 7

semi-aniline leather with a pronounced grain structure


1,5 - 1,6 mm
Colors: 9

semi-aniline leather with a natural grain structur


1,3 - 1,4 mm
Colors: 88

lightly embossed semi- aniline leather


1,2 - 1,4 mm
Colors: 41

semi-aniline leather with a fine grain structure


1,3 - 1,4 mm
Colors: 1

smooth, lightly shiny aniline leather


1,2 - 1,4 mm
Colors: 2

lightly protected smooth and velvety aniline leather

Leather colors

Colors are printed for informative purposes solely and can differ in reality

Chamo Albast

Chamo Black

Chamo Lava

Gaucho Brandy

Gaucho Cafe

Gaucho Habano

Nubo Noisette

Polo Anthracite

Polo Arabica

Polo Black

Polo Elephant

Polo Pearl White

Polo Pebble Grey

Polo Stone

Premium Black

Premium Bronze

Premium Chalk

Premium Dolomitegrey

Premium Ebony Brown

Premium Sand

Premium Slate

Premium Taupe

Premium Tobacco

Royal Anthracite

Royal Apple

Royal Arcadia

Royal Army green

Royal Atlantic

Royal Avocado

Royal Basalt

Royal Beige gray

Royal Black

Royal Blackberry

Royal Black green

Royal Brandy

Royal Brick Red

Royal Burgundy

Royal Caffè

Royal Caramel

Royal Caribic

Royal Carmine

Royal Cashew

Royal Cenere

Royal Civaia

Royal Cherry

Royal Chestnut

Royal Clay

Royal Cobalt blue

Royal Coco

Royal Cognac

Royal Coppergreen

Royal Cotta

Royal Cream

Royal Cream-beige

Royal Crema

Royal Diabolo

Royal Dove blue

Royal Dust

Royal Eggshell

Royal Elephant

Royal Fawn brown

Royal Flintstone

Royal Fog

Royal Forest

Royal Gray

Royal Hazelnut

Royal Ivory

Royal Kiwi

Royal Lagoon

Royal Light blue

Royal Light gray

Royal Lilac

Royal Magenta

Royal Mango

Royal Maritime blue

Royal Mimosa

Royal Mint

Royal Mocha

Royal Mud

Royal Mustard

Royal Nature

Royal Oceano

Royal Off-white

Royal Old White

Royal Olive

Royal Pale brown

Royal Pebble

Royal Pecan

Royal Petrol

Royal Pink grape

Royal Pink rose

Royal Platinum

Royal Pure white

Royal Purple

Royal Rosso

Royal Ruby

Royal Rust

Royal Saffron

Royal Sapphire blue

Royal Savannah

Royal Speedwell

Royal Stone

Royal Stone gray

Royal Sun

Royal Tangerine

Royal Terra brown

Royal Testa di moro

Royal Umba gray

Royal Vero

Royal Vino

Royal White

Scala 001

Scala 003

Scala 004

Scala 013

Scala 015

Scala 110

Scala 111

Scala 112

Scala 113

Scala 231

Scala 234

Scala 235

Scala 293

Scala 300

Scala 301

Scala 302

Scala 306

Scala 307

Scala 308

Scala 309

Scala 310

Scala 320

Scala 325

Scala 326

Scala 332

Scala 339

Scala 350

Scala 359

Scala 377

Scala 390

Scala 410

Scala 453

Scala 610

Scala 620

Scala 710

Scala 780

Scala 787

Scala 810

Scala 811

Scala 908

Velluto Cognac

Velvet Hazelnut

Velvet Ivory


If you choose textile, the possibilities are even more extensive. Durlet has a standard selection of more than seven different types of textile in various weave compositions, and for each of these, various colours are available. And if you wish, you can even supply your own fabric. Ask your dealer for more information.

Arco Aqua

Arco Arctic

Arco Asphalt

Arco Azur

Arco Birch

Arco Blossom

Arco Breeze

Arco Calla

Arco Carbon

Arco Cherry

Arco Circus

Arco Citron

Arco Coast

Arco Cobalt

Arco Coffee

Arco Corn

Arco Ebony

Arco Espresso

Arco Fels

Arco Fire

Arco Forest

Arco Garden

Arco Gravel

Arco Guave

Arco Ice

Arco Ink

Arco Jade

Arco Jasmin

Arco Kies

Arco Lanoso

Arco Magenta

Arco Magma

Arco Mare

Arco Mountain

Arco Nube

Arco Pebble

Arco Pond

Arco Safran

Arco Samba

Arco Secret

Arco Snow

Arco Sunset

Arco Truffle

Arco Vivid

Avalon 00

Avalon 01

Avalon 02

Avalon 03

Avalon 14

Avalon 15

Avalon 17

Avalon 20

Avalon 21

Avalon 22

Avalon 23

Avalon 34

Avalon 35

Avalon 47

Avalon 48

Avalon 49

Avalon 51

Avalon 52

Avalon 53

Avalon 67

Avalon 68

Avalon 70

Fuzzy 01

Fuzzy 02

Fuzzy 03

Fuzzy 11

Fuzzy 20

Fuzzy 30

Fuzzy 52

Fuzzy 71

Fuzzy 90

Fuzzy 91

Fuzzy 99

Gaby 598.000

Gaby 598.005

Gaby 598.007

Gaby 598.008

Gaby 598.009

Gaby 598.011

Gaby 598.021

Gaby 598.022

Gaby 598.040

Gaby 598.044

Gaby 598.045

Gaby 598.046

Gaby 598.047

Gaby 598.048

Gaby 598.049

Gaby 598.050

Gaby 598.053

Gaby 598.054

Gaby 598.056

Gaby 598.059

Gaby 598.060

Gaby 598.061

Gaby 598.062

Gaby 598.063

Marta B3280-000

Marta B3280-020

Marta B3280-040

Marta B3280-100

Marta B3280-160

Marta B3280-180

Marta B3280-220

Marta B3280-260

Marta B3280-300

Modena Beige

Modena Camel

Modena Espresso

Modena Grey

Modena Ivory

Modena Khaki

Modena Onyx

Modena Tin

Opera Aloe

Opera Anthrazit

Opera Aureo

Opera Bleu

Opera Brick

Opera Calla

Opera Carbon

Opera Clementine

Opera Delft

Opera Delphi

Opera Ebony

Opera Fango

Opera Flanell

Opera Guave

Opera Indio

Opera Jade

Opera Kies

Opera Kristal

Opera Lake

Opera Macadamia

Opera Maple

Opera Mirror

Opera Navy

Opera Pepper

Opera Prime

Opera Rosewood

Opera Sorbet

Opera Taupe


Natural oak

Oak Walnut

Oak Smoked Grey

Oak Dark

Oak Wenge

Oak Black

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