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If you choose for leather, Durlet offers you ten different types of top quality full-grain leather, available in a range of colours.


1,3 - 1,4 mm
colors: 5

waxed aniline leather


1,3 - 1,4 mm
colors: 1

smooth, lightly shiny aniline leather


1,3 - 1,4 mm
colors: 4

lightly nubucked aniline leather


2,2 - 2,4 mm
colors: 7

semi-aniline leather with a pronounced grain structure


1,2 - 1,4 mm
colors: 41

semi-aniline leather with a fine grain structure


1,4 - 1,6 mm
colors: 4

pure aniline leather with all its natural characteristics


1,5 - 1,6 mm
colors: 9

semi-aniline leather with a natural grain structur


1,1 - 1,3 mm
colors: 4

smooth and soft semi- aniline leather


1,6 - 1,8 mm
colors: 3

lightly embossed semi- aniline leather


1,3 - 1,4 mm
colors: 21

lightly embossed semi- aniline leather

Leather colors

Farben sind nur informativ abgebildet und ko╠łnnen abweichen in Realita╠łt

royal saddle brown

royal chestnut

royal artic

royal navy

royal negro terra

royal cherry

royal black

royal smoked oyster

royal pewter

royal lightgrey

royal clay

royal reed

royal aquamarine

royal sun

royal sky

royal fire

royal orange

royal pistachio

royal laurel

royal coral

royal slate

premium chalk

premium sand

premium dolomitegrey

premium taupe

premium tobacco

premium ebony brown

premium slate

premium bronze

premium black

chamo albast

chamo lava

chamo black

nappa brown

nappa rubin

nappa rouge brun

gaucho brandy

gaucho habana

gaucho cafe

scala 001

scala 003

scala 004

scala 015

scala 112

scala 111

scala 013

scala 310

scala 320

scala 325

scala 326

scala 332

scala 339

scala 350

scala 359

scala 377

scala 390

scala 410

scala 453

scala 610

scala 620

scala 710

scala 780

scala 787

scala 810

scala 811

scala 908

polo pearl white

polo stone

polo pebble grey

polo elephant

polo arabica

polo black

velluto cognac

velluto chocolat

nubo mocca

nubo noisette

nubo fog

nubo black

elite pomegranate

elite paprika red

elite oyster grey

elite truffle brown

elite black

scala 234

scala 231

scala 113

scala 110

scala 235

scala 293

scala 300

scala 301

scala 302

scala 306

scala 307

scala 308

scala 309


If you choose textile, the possibilities are even more extensive. Durlet has a standard selection of more than seven different types of textile in various weave compositions, and for each of these, various colours are available. And if you wish, you can even supply your own fabric. Ask your dealer for more information.


Natural oak

Oak Walnut

Oak Dark

Oak Smoked Grey

Oak Wenge

Oak Black

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