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Quality & production

The level of quality of our products is determined firstly by the materials used, and secondly by the degree of finishing. This begins in the design phase where various selections are made which will influence the level of quality. For each new furniture design, it will be discussed with the designer during the development phase how a product will subsequently be constructed. This is an exercise where the starting point is a sketch used to build prototypes. From there, adjustments are made on the basis of feedback regarding ergonomics, production techniques, comfort and aesthetics, until they finally culminate in the defining of a product which can be made and repeated on an industrial basis. It is only when all the pre-design phases have been completed and the sitting tests have been successful, that a model goes into production and can subsequently be made to order for each customer.

Every item of seating furniture which is ordered will typically go through the following production processes:

The following is carried out on the interior side: assembling the frame, installing the springs, attaching the foam to the frame, composition of the cushions from various types of foam, down, non-woven material. The exterior side of the furniture is made in the following stages: the cutting of fabric or leather (the leather is first inspected for natural characteristics), the stitching of the cut pieces to create a cover, the upholstering of the interior of this cover.

Both after every production phase and after the final finishing, our specialist employees carry out a thorough quality inspection, in which every minute detail

is carefully checked. Our exhaustive pursuit of quality is evident in every component and every detail of a Durlet piece: not only the leather or fabric, but also components such as the frame, springs, cushions, seams, threads and also the legs are selected, or developed and produced. Then, craftsmen who have built up years of experience are required to use their expertise to ensure that all of these quality components are combined to create a perfectly finished, best-in-class piece of furniture. Regardless of how industrialised our components are produced, and how standardised we have made our production processes, the fundamental phases of leather cutting, stitching materials together to form a cover, upholstering them over a frame, all remain manual work in which experience, knowledge, care, an eye for detail and precision are all crucial.

Durlet makes a point of balancing craftsmanship with modern technology during the production of its seating furniture. We automate and industrialise where possible, but only to support and strengthen manual work and know-how, not to replace it or dilute it. As usual with that one overarching goal in mind: to create a piece of furniture with maximum seating comfort. And if desired, even personalised according to your wishes, tastes and requirements.

The illustration on the right is an example of the structure of a typical Durlet sofa.

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