Design is at the core of our philosophy. Design doesn’t just concern aesthetics, it is also the binding element between aesthetics, comfort and quality. Good design is more than just the physical appearance, or the ‘embellishment’, it is determined by the numerous choices which are made during the development and refining of a product, both in the area of technique and construction, and the area of ergonomics, production methods and aesthetics. In terms of aesthetics, we constantly strive for a design vocabulary which is contemporary, harmonious, elegant, balanced and well-proportioned. Using this approach, we create products which have a lasting character in any given interior. Because in our eyes, durability is more than production methods and material selections; it begins with the design of a timeless piece of seating furniture which has lasting aesthetic value. Furniture which is steadfast in the face of fleeting trends, and which, besides its inherent quality, is built to last. That is our interpretation of durable furniture. That’s why we reiterate that design is one of our core values. This is not some hollow slogan, but a driving force and a company philosophy.

Since our inception, we have resolutely chosen to enable this design to flourish, together with internationally acclaimed designers from both home and abroad. We are firmly convinced that the cross-fertilisation between their open vision of aesthetics and the world and its trends on the one hand, and our vision of this combined with our know-how in terms of seating comfort and production techniques on the other, produces results which are stronger than what we could achieve individually. Using this approach, we have successfully managed to keep innovating and reinventing ourselves for half a century, and we intend to keep on doing so.

Over the years, we have built up a long list of the renowned names we always worked with. Durlet has been rewarded for many years of hard work with several nominations and international awards. The most important of these are the Roscoe Award New York, the European Community Design Prize, the Singapore Furniture Show Design Award, the Henry van de Velde Company Award , the Red Dot Design Award, and Interior Innovation Awards. These awards are yet more recognition for the efforts undertaken by Durlet in the area of design, and a confirmation of our abilities.