Linger is an armchair for those who seek the comfort of a recliner while also yearning for peace and simplicity in design. The sharp edges are finished with a pronounced piping. Bent steel follows the lines of the piping and carries the open, light armrests. Three pulled-in seams emphasize the softness of the furniture piece. The base seems to lift the armchair up. The metal is bronze coloured or black. A built-in mechanism allows you to tilt the chair backwards and relax completely. Feet up on the ottoman and you will experience bliss. In case you need extra seating capacity, simply use the ottoman as an extra seat.


Frans Schrofer

Designer, Frans Schrofer, was born in the Netherlands and comes from a long line of artists, craftsmen and teachers spanning many generations. A childhood fascination with cars and motor racing led Frans to an early basic education in electrical and mechanical engineering, and auto mechanics. In 1983 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and in 1984, he established his design firm, Studio Schrofer.

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