The design of Denver is based on horizontality and soft cubism. The classic sofa model rests nicely on the floor with a closed front and discreet black metal beam-shaped legs. The low horizontal feeling is emphasized by the long base on which everything stands, the one-piece seat cushions over the entire length and the back cushions that leave space between each other. The rectangular character is softened by the fact that all the corners - even those of the legs - are rounded. The tops of the armrests, backrests, and sides of the seat cushions and top of the back cushions are finished with a french seam that discreetly accentuates this. The great luxury of the model is found inside the seat and back cushions. They are filled with a combination of high-quality cold foam densities and then wrapped in a down-filled cover. This provides both the beautiful and pleasant effect of soft feather cushions and the lasting durability and ergonomic support of cold foam. Extra comfort is achieved by providing back cushions with a roll at the rear.

Denver is designed to be modular and can be assembled into corner and chaise longue compositions according to preferences and space: with one, two or no armrest, or with an extended seat without a backrest, or with separate footstools between or in front of the modules. The back cushions can be added according to choice in various widths, quantities, upholstery materials, and with or without a roll at the back.

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