The arm cushions are positioned loose on the seat cushion but are attached to the armrest at the top and, therefore, seem to arise out of them. This special detail is highlighted by the piping that runs from the bottom front of the armrest over the cushions The loose, relatively loosely upholstered back cushions and the extra thick seat cushion offer generous comfort. Since the cushion rests on a narrow plinth, the entire object looks well-balanced and light.The legs made of flat steel are very slim on the front side and highlight the armrest from the side view. This ensures that the bottom of the seat floats high above the ground which results in a good light transmission. The leg can be coated in a colour of choice, which potentially gives the sofa a unique and personal look and feel: ranging from more neutral similar hues to contrasting or more vivid colours. A matching footstool with the same legs is also available. An optional headrest completes the series.


Anita Schmidt

Anita Schmidt, the internationally renowned furniture designer, has been working with Durlet since its inception in 1966 – now already with the third generation within the firm.

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