Reef fits in perfectly with the Durlet tradition of design with a solid and, at the same time, refined look and feel. The design matches up with a cubist visual language but simultaneously counters it with a very soft look obtained by the slanted lines on the top and outer side of the arms and the rounding of all corners of the sofa The flat steel legs as well have a friendly look because of their tapered shape and rounded corners. The great trump card of this model is the back cushions which can be completely unfolded towards the top. This ensures that the elegant low settee can be transformed into an absolute comfort sofa in which you can settle to never come out. The sofa’s contours are finished with a refined T-stitch that reinforces Durlet’s handmade workmanship and gives the sofa extra character and even more so when it is finished in contrasting colours. Reef is available as a sofa and in modular settings.


Frans Schrofer

Designer, Frans Schrofer, was born in the Netherlands and comes from a long line of artists, craftsmen and teachers spanning many generations. A childhood fascination with cars and motor racing led Frans to an early basic education in electrical and mechanical engineering, and auto mechanics. In 1983 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and in 1984, he established his design firm, Studio Schrofer.

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