Thanks to this upholstering method, the chair not only looks very comfortable but actually is. The backrest as well as the armrests are constructed with a great deal of elasticity and are therefore pleasantly yielding. Marilyn is available as a chair or as an armchair. The legs of the chair are made of oak which can be stained in various shades.


Kai Stania

The power of the Viennese designer Kai Stania lies in the perfect symbiosis between aesthetics and functionality in his work. The impressive list of national and international prizes that he has already been awarded from a relatively young age confirms this: his record includes a nomination for the ‘Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland’, iF Product Design Awards, Red Dot Awards, Good Design Awards, Inerior Innvation Awards (with Durlet), a selection for ‘Die Auswahl’ of the ten best Austrian furniture designs, etc.

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