Rialto was designed by Frans Schrofer for Durlet to combine the comfort of a high backrest with contemporary dynamic design. The bend in the back is a design element that keeps the model slim and also suggests sitting comfort from the side. Almost no line in the design is just a straight line. For example, the armrest runs in different planes from top to bottom. The seam that is tucked in at the bend on the outside is a testament to real craftsmanship in upholstery technique. The upholstery above and below is slightly raised to show its soft character, as is the interior. The back cushions are divided into two planes in height to break the flat aesthetic and support the lower back even better ergonomically. The beautiful continuous curve on the pointed line where the outside and inside meet is emphasized by the extra thick piping with which the model is finished. The oak frame on which the sofa rests is fully integrated into the design language. The outer sides of the legs are also rounded and follow the same planes as the sofa above. It is a technical tour de force that completes the whole thing. The base can be chosen in 5 stain colors - from natural to black. The sofa itself can also be made in a leather-fabric combination. Then the outside is entirely in leather, and the inside is in fabric (or vice versa). This makes Rialto even more special.


Frans Schrofer

Designer, Frans Schrofer, was born in the Netherlands and comes from a long line of artists, craftsmen and teachers spanning many generations. A childhood fascination with cars and motor racing led Frans to an early basic education in electrical and mechanical engineering, and auto mechanics. In 1983 he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven and in 1984, he established his design firm, Studio Schrofer.

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